Larry's Spring 2001 Pictures


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April 24- May 7, 2001.  A deep-sea fishing adventure aboard the famous San Diego sportfisher - the "Shogun" - down to Clipperton Atoll, a tiny speck of sand and palm trees far out in the Pacific, west of Costa Rica. This trip entailed fifteen days on the boat with twenty fishermen, three days travel time each way from Cabo, tropical humidity with afternoon temps reaching 90 to 110 degrees, and some very rough seas. But, fuelled by the gourmet food prepared by the two chefs onboard, refreshing air-conditioning, and the potential for landing a 350-plus pound Yellowfin tuna, we cast our live bait into every foaming school of tuna we could manage to chase down. The fishing was incredible, with many tuna over 100 pounds, many big wahoo, and the flyfishermen's quarry, the wiley Bluestar Jack(or Bluefin Trevally)*.  

Of course, there was plenty of "interaction" with the other abundant sealife including sharks, booby-birds, and porpoise. My biggest tuna to date, a 178-pound yellowfin was the biggest fish caught, and Jim managed a 174 pounder. If you're wondering if we threw the tuna back, answer is No. Commercial fishermen regularly target these beautiful beasts using huge super-seiner ships with 1200 TONS of fish hold capacity!  That's a lot of tuna.

* No Bluefin Trevally were harmed in the making of this trip - except for the ones Jim ate. Way to go Jim  : )


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April 13, 2001.  Hearing of incredible fish count numbers, Leena and I headed offshore looking to nab a fat Halibut during a hot bite off of Seal Beach. We found nothing but a classic chilly, windy spring day. We sacked up some "rain check" tickets for the boat The City of Seal Beach.  No wonder, it was Friday the 13th!!


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April 3, 2001.  Fishing near the Chevron jetty here in El Porto, I landed a 27-inch halibut on a grub and 6 pound spinning tackle. Its only one quarter mile from my doorstep.  Cool.


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March 30, 2001.  Early season South swells had me visiting the Wedge in Newport Beach for some heavy waves. Saw David Long there, talked about charging The Base soon on a south swell.


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March 26-29, 2001.  Traveled to the famous Green River, Utah once again in search of monster trout in the gin clear flows.


March 23-25, 2001.  Visited the Komlos family in Salt Lake City for a day of snowboarding at Snowbird. Plenty of runs in the challenging half-pipe completely wiped me out on Saturday.


SurfMar20-SantaClara-Diagra.jpg (45951 bytes)

March 20, 2001.  Hearing rumor of cranking sandbars in Ventura, we headed for Santa Clara Rivermouth. Man was it cranking, right and left 6-10 foot A-frames with perfect wedging lefts, brown water and a decent crowd.  I was so inspired, that I made a picture of the sandbar setup. I was born in Ventura, but this was my first trip to surf the rivermouth!


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March 3, 2001.  Spent many days hanging out in Manhattan Beach after I became very sick, probably from that great day bodyboarding Seal Beach's black water at 8-10 feet after all that rain. So I shot some video of the boyz kneeboarding. Eric, Ed and I would get lunch at Sharkeez, usually with Ed's tiny super-dog, Moose!


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March 1, 2001.  Fished Lake Laguna Niguel for bass.  Very rainy this month. Fish the purple or tequila sunrise RoboWorm with a light splitshot.